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The True Joy of JavaScript

I remember when a few years ago I bumped into Beginning Scala by David Pollak. At the time I had no idea how this book would impact my future choices on which programming languages to learn, which technologies to invest my time in, and what I consider "good stuff" in general. Reading it must have been one of these movie-like moments of enlightment, with a heavenly beam of light striking you from above Mr. Bean style. Even today I can clearly remember the title of chapter that made the strongest impression. It was Collections and the Joy of Immutability. Read more.

Purescript will make you purr like a kitten

The perils of purescript, npm and browserify combo

A monad? Probably not what you need...

Just some random thoughts on "should I use monads for this"

Angular in Angular, or the great JS swindle.

Yo dawg! We put Angular in Angular, so you can $apply() while you $digest()!

Robust internationalized URLs for Django

It's a plane! It's a bug! It's a feature... and all the joys of i18n.

Is Android's New Build System Production Ready?

... or are we still stuck with Eclipse and Ant?