Karol Majta

On programming... and stuff.


The True Joy of JavaScript

Purescript will make you purr like a kitten

The perils of purescript, npm and browserify combo

A monad? Probably not what you need...

Just some random thoughts on "should I use monads for this"

Angular in Angular, or the great JS swindle.

Yo dawg! We put Angular in Angular, so you can $apply() while you $digest()!

Robust internationalized URLs for Django

It's a plane! It's a bug! It's a feature... and all the joys of i18n.

Is Android's New Build System Production Ready?

... or are we still stuck with Eclipse and Ant?

The fuss with metaclass

If you're a wizard, don't use black magic

Testproofing your code

Parsing query parameters in rest framework

and breaking from the limitations of your mind...

Managing Django settings the right way

We've been doing this wrong for a very long time...


Simple puzzle game for Android

Virtualenv + Lettuce + Splinter + Windows Monkeypatch

The dirty hack for integration testing on Windows

Memoization with decorators

Short guide to poor man's Memcached.

Python Decorators

They're good for you, your family and your dog!